Chausiku: The Blood of the Clans Book Three - a Teen/YA/NA science fiction series by Pamela E. Cash

The Chausiku series is packed with supernatural abilities, paranormal activity and is uniquely full of diversity.  People of all nationalities, races and cultures can identify with the six secret clans from across the world.  The Sakombi clan from Africa, the Qiao clan from Asia, the Spencer clan from Europe, the Natosapi clan from North America, the Amaru clan from Latin America and the Gale clan from Australia are similar to people all over the world...except they have supernatural powers!

Chausiku struggles to control the powers she received on her 16th birthday as she determinedly seeks the truth about her mother's murder.  She is still the target and in danger...but why?  Will the fight between the Amaru and Qiao clans reveal the truth? The cliff hanger at the end of Book Three will leave you anxiously awaiting Book Four!