Nothing but Meat - a thriller by Adrian Kendrew

Police Constable Simone Connolly is well accustomed to hiding the bruises of an abusive marriage but when the hideously mutilated body of a young girl is found in a local wood, Simone is drawn into the investigation by Detective Nathan West.

West is the only man Simone has ever truly loved but he has his own demons; the urge to light fires and watch things burn is an addiction that has haunted him since he was a boy.

The investigation to hunt down the masked killer who calls himself the Ghost forces both Simone and West to confront the truth about their lives and the past they thought had left them behind.

The hunt for the Ghost is on.

Nothing but Meat is the first novel in a planned series featuring DI Nathan West.

Adrian Kendrew lives in Cambridgeshire, England. Nothing but Meat is his second novel.