Paleo For Weight Loss by Donna Leahy

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Paleo - the diet that claims weight will just "fall off" - could it really be true?  As a life long dieter, acclaimed chef and author Donna Leahy was skeptical too.  Could there actually be a diet plan that easy?  In Paleo for Weight Loss:  The 14-Day Healthy Eating Plan, Chef Leahy sets out to clearly explain what the Paleo lifestyle is, what foods you can and cannot eat, and whether you can actually lose weight on Paleo.  By following a 14-day healthy eating plan that includes menus and recipes for everyday, Leahy gives a road map for losing food cravings, feeling healthier and dropping some weight along the way.  You will learn if you enjoy the Paleo lifestyle and if it's a plan that can work for you in the long term.  Chef Leahy writes original, mouthwatering and easy to prepare recipes, unlike many recipes available free on blogs that get repeated in cookbooks. Detailed shopping lists make planning for the 14 day menus easy.  Is Paleo right for you?  Try the 14-Day healthy eating plan and find out today