Reverie - Contemporary Romance by Jess Parry

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James had bested the demons of his past. He'd finally found his stability in construction, the daily blare of jack hammers, generators, hammers pounding into the sturdy steel of a building he was overseeing as a construction manager was to him, all that he needed to be content. He'd spent too many years running for the memories of his time in the military, there had been too many horrific losses to his brothers, the guilt of knowing his brothers would never get to the chance to live their life. He' found his peace and accepted the small tranquility he’d been given.

Linn was at the initial stage of accepting that the words that normally flowed easily through her were no longer whispering their enchanting melodies to her. Keeping her secret close, she had simply announced that she was taking a break from reality for a while. She wanted the time away from writing, to actually enjoy life for a bit.

The curiosity of the new building going up calling to Linn, she wanted to see what all the fuss from her friends was about. Dragging her best friend, Ben, along she wanted a peek of it, to answer the call it was sending.

The flashing of Linn's copper hair under the autumn sunlight stopping James dead in his tracks. He felt the pull of a siren's call, following his instincts, he had to know her. James steel blue eyes took Linn's breath, she yearned to know the secrets hidden behind those penetrating eyes.

Precarious scales tipping, would they take the plunge into the abyss of possibility...