The Monsters' Anonymous Club: Don't Play With Dead Things - a children's/middle grade ghost story by J.L. Lipp

It’s one thing to battle the dark forces when you’re a young wizard blessed with supernatural powers of your own, quite another when you’re an average 11 year-old kid with a curfew and only a small group of preteen ghostbusters  to back you up.  As president of the Monsters’ Anonymous Club (MAC), David Reid knows first-hand that it takes one part courage, two parts teamwork, three parts brains, and a big dash of humor to fight the unseen monsters that haunt the attics and backwoods of his hometown.

Fortunately, David is aided in his ongoing battles with the supernatural by a fearless team of preteen ghostbusters including Laura Chen, the MAC’s vice-president whose background in dance has made her a top notch athlete; Jeremy Bauer, the club’s resident smart aleck; Jeremy’s bratty and very pesky little sister Kimmy; budding scientist Austin Reese; Carla Freeman with her encyclopedic knowledge of the paranormal world; Eddie Gonzales with his telepathic ability to communicate with animals; and Stinky, Eddie’s new pet hamster, who just happens to be the perfect three inch, four-legged spy.

In the “Monsters’ Anonymous Club: Don’t Play with Dead Things” the MAC must battle a fiendish ghost that has possessed Jeremy and Kimmy’s mother and is threatening to literally take over the town unless our intrepid heroes can act quickly to stop the beast in its tracks. When the evil spirit possesses Mr. Boggles, a discarded old teddy bear, things go into overdrive, eventually leading members of the MAC to the home of Mr. Crankle, the scary old recluse who, legend has it, eats kids for breakfast. When the kids discover Mr. Crankle dead in his kitchen and a vengeful spirit holds Carla hostage, members of the MAC find themselves in a race against time as they try to reunite Mr. Crankle’s spirit with the ghost of his long dead wife.

“The Monsters’ Anonymous Club: Don’t Play with Dead Things” is a fast paced ghost story full of twists and turns, lot of laughs, plenty of frights (nothing too gory!) and an emotionally satisfying resolution that proves ghosts deserve to “live” as happily ever after as our preteen heroes.