Wings of Beasts: Wings of Descent - a Science Fiction by R. Holland

A New Adult Science Fiction with Romance, Suspense, and Adventure...

They're here. But who? As Amyna Carter's world falls a part, another species descends to her planet making matters worse. But maybe...just maybe, the new masters may be just what she needs to get back all that she lost. As her and survivors race to stay one step ahead of their new masters, can they maintain what little humanity they have left. Or is all of that lost to stay alive?
Dorian A’Kraine, the leader of this mission, and future ruler over the Aubadians, against his father’s wishes, decides that Earth is the next planet to conquer. But not all of his kind wish their young prince good fortune. His own blood plot against him, and something dark and demonic is lurking, entrapped in the shadows of their prison walls. As Dorian A’Kraine and the Aubadians descend to Earth, he unleashes his legion of winged beasts that are stronger, faster, and more brutal than the human race could ever be.

Will Dorian and Amyna both get what they want? Or what if the ultimate sacrifice is losing everything they want, to gain everything they need?