A Flight Without Wings - An NDE memoir by Brian A. McLaughlin


You have just been in a horrible accident and have been to and seen places and things that you never even imagined before.
  .... You ask yourself ;  Do I dare tell anyone ?    Should I tell everyone ?

The following true story describes my journey into Heaven and subsequent return to life, all as a  result of massive head trauma sustained while vacationing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico 21 years ago, on 9/11/1993. It will describe visions as well as deep feelings that moved me to the core of my being. It will go on to briefly give some background into facets of my life and experiences that I had before and after that “accident” that relate somehow to the understanding and clarity that this event has brought to me and how I continue to discover the benefits of passing over to the “other side”. Some things are evident to anyone who reads this and some remain relative in more obscure ways. My hope would be that my words and experience with an afterlife will comfort those people who struggle with a fear and concern, either for themselves or someone close to them that has made this journey on their own.  I have kept this to myself for all these years initially out of fear of accepting it, and then out of my inability to accurately describe the sequence of events and the meaning of it all. My best guess and my overwhelming  belief is that this journey of mine represents the exact path and result of nearly everyone who has left us. I was “blessed” with a return ticket and a feeling that it is my onus to share what so few get to experience.