Kiss Me Stupid - a contemporary romance by Dee Strawbridge

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There should be a warning billboard planted at the Miller’s city limit sign on Highway 135.  It should read:  Beware. This is not Vegas.  What happens in Miller, Texas does not stay in Miller, Texas.  It will end up on the intrepid blogger’s ALittleBitOfMiller Blog for the whole world to read.  These words should be written in bold, black, ten foot tall letters--maybe even italicized and highlighted in day-glow yellow—and then the whole shebang should be trimmed in red neon.  At least that way Chloe Carter would have had some warning.  But, there is no such billboard, so Chloe remains blissfully unaware that her life will never be the same, until she walks into the Double D Roadhouse.

 One seemingly inconsequential moment can change everything.  Chloe Carter did nothing more than walk into a restaurant on a hot July day for a meeting with a man who was threatening her family.  Dean Dillard with his oh so sexy Clark Kent swagger was not the man she had come to Miller to meet.  Dean, the owner of the Double D, tries to dismiss the blond lady seated on his deck.  Although she is a DDG (drop dead gorgeous) blonde, the lady isn’t his type. Dean is just looking to satisfy his curiosity when he makes the decision to talk to her.

  Neither Chloe nor Dean are looking to make a love connection on that Thursday afternoon.  Love has other ideas.  However, finding their way to their HEA (happily-ever-after) is not as simple as admitting they are attracted to each other.  Dean has made a vow to give up dating for a year.  His promise to God is part of his desire to get his life back on track.  He hadn’t counted on meeting Chloe six months into his moratorium on dating.  Before he can stop himself, he tells her he wants to kiss her stupid.  Chloe knows she should run, but what sane woman would run from a man who tells her he wants to kiss her stupid when she has never been kissed stupid before?

There is no easy answer to that question, nor is it the only question Dean and Chloe must answer.  Can Dean live up to his commitment to the Lord? Will Chloe prove too strong a temptation?  Can Dean help her chase down the blackmailer she came to Miller to confront?  Can Chloe resist Dean’s oh so tantalizing good-night kisses?  It seems an impossible task, this whole falling in love business, especially since the intrepid blogger and his infernal blog has the whole town watching them every step of the way.  It will take patience and prayer for them to have a chance, and then there are still no guarantees.  Remember, sometimes God says no. After five short days in Miller, what will Chloe ask of Dean?  Kiss me stupid, or kiss me goodbye?