Ashes and Asphalt - adventure fiction by Trevor Halloway

Brothers Mike and Kyle have two problems when it comes to bringing their dad to the annual Sturgis Rally:

1) They can't stand one another and
2) Their father's dead...and cremated.

Yes, "Wild" Bill Byrne is dead and his sons are charged with bringing his ashes to Sturgis in time for the bike rally. They'll have to work together without killing one another and in the process avoid a few others who'd love to hang their carcasses out to dry. If the folks on the way don't strike fear into their hearts, their dad's biker gang surely will...if they back out of the old man's last request.

On the road, they'll also learn what it means to be a man, to be a son and to be brothers. They'll tackle Mother Nature, crazed carjackers and a unruly biker from New Orleans that would love nothing more than to have Kyle's head on a silver platter...and the rest of him under his two wheels.

"Ashes and Asphalt" is more than a road book, or a biker book. It's a novel about brotherhood, about honor. The brothers have to reconnect and remember what's makes them family in the first place. Mike might be more straight-laced and Kyle might be more rebellious, but both of them are Byrnes and Byrnes never back down.

The tome is offered in both eBook and paperback. Happy trails.