Fractured - an contemporary romantic suspense novel by Elle Charle

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Appearances can be deceiving in this dark, sexy and very compelling romance read of love and trust.

Trapped in a past that refuses to let go, one man will set her free.

Described as intriguing and hard to put down, it will leave you on the edge and wanting more. A must read by many reviewers.

How do you learn to remember, when you have forced yourself to forget?

How do you learn to trust, when those who should have protected you failed?

Eight years ago, Kara Petersen’s life was derailed by an act of violence, ripping apart her confidence in love and trust. Fiercely protective of the last residual fragments of her already shattered heart, she has learned the hard way to depend on no one, except herself.

Kara’s life is virtually non-existent, both in life and love. Continually haunted by memories of the past, and events she cannot accurately remember, she’s living half a life inside a world she has purposely created to keep herself safe from pain.

She is invisible.

One fateful night changes everything.

She meets the handsome and enigmatic Sloan Foster.

Successful, powerful and knowing exactly what he wants – and willing to take it at all costs, regardless of the consequences - she is inexplicably drawn to the mysterious businessman.

Deep inside her heart, she’s consciously aware that heartache might ensue from whatever he is offering, but she is unable to stop herself. Tired of fighting against the foreign emotions he has invoked and ignited to life inside her, she takes a fortuitous leap of faith and lowers her invisible barriers for him.

Against her own better judgement, and recognising something isn’t quite right in this rich playboy’s domain, the temptation is too strong to resist and she falls deeper into his world of seduction, wealth and power.

Forced to love and trust again in the face of uncertainty of a past that refuses to let go, Kara is learning more about herself than she ever thought possible, from a man who seemingly knows more than he should.


Please note this novel contains serious adult content and descriptive sexual scenes.

Due to the subject matter, it is advised that readers of a sensitive disposition should proceed with caution.

Intended for readers aged 18+