Born to Run, Love to Be Free - a young adult novel by Daris Howard

Free on Kindle April 28-30, 2015.

Born to Run, Live to Be Free is a wonderful young adult story based on the life of real race horse whose fame was growing quickly.  But because of his fame, he lost his freedom.  The personality of this horse at times seems almost human.  You will find yourself sensing what he feels and, perhaps, discovering something about yourself and your own challenges in life.

Some Reviews:
I wholeheartedly recommend Born to Run, Live To Be Free” by Daris Howard. I couldn’t put it down! First of all, it’s a story about an amazing horse. It is also a love story. In addition, I found the details about taking care of a horse to be fascinating. Finally, it teaches the reader to live to be free and never give up. -- Jack Weyland (Author)

Born to Run, Live To Be Free is amazing.  It’s the perfect book for horse lovers, but has so many different emotions, all the way from hilarious to crying in my room because it’s so sad.  However it is a book you just can’t put down and have to read to the end.  If I had to rate this book from 0 to 5 I would give it an 8.  So if you love horses, you would love this book.  Kaylynn (age 11)

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