The Blue Harp Curse - A short fantasy story by Michael Sanderson

The Blue Harp Curse is a short story intended to be the first of others detailing the lives of various members of a large fantasy cities' guards and their daily and nightly duties and problems. I am using this one city and it's guards and their lives as a sort of "practice run" to go on to other much bigger things.

I always found the guards of any fantasy setting to be interesting, and usually overlooked in most fantasy stories. These poor guys go up against so many terrible things and are almost always out-matched in the stories you read, you can't help but feel bad for them.

In The Blue Harp Curse you meet two members of the nightwatch who are tracking down a serial killer, hoping to get him before he strikes again. However, what they walk into may wind up a bit too much for them.

The city in which this story takes place, as well as some outlying areas, will become more of a character as we go along as well.

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