Digitarum - a Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel by Derek Bailey

Digitarum is a fast paced science fiction and fantasy novel by a young new author, Derek Bailey. Five gods find themselves in a world of absolute nothingness and are given the simple mission of building it into something. They find that they possess the bizarre power to summon matter into being and use this ability to create an exotic alien planet. Soon enough though, evil finds its way into the world and begins to corrupt it. The gods take it upon themselves to defend their creations against the darkness while attempting to foster the growth of their people.

Taking inspiration from ancient mythology as well as modern day dystopic literature, Digitarum traverses a vast expanse of time spanning from the origins of a world until the end of its days. The gods are a unique and quirky bunch that often find that they are every bit as capable of making mistakes as the common folk that they have sworn to protect. The world within Digitarum is a strange and exotic one, but in many ways, it is not altogether unlike our own. It can be lighthearted as well as severe – whimsical as well as tragic.

This novel is an iconic combination of classic ideas presented in new ways that marks Derek Bailey’s first venture into the world of fiction authorship. It is a fun and inquisitive adventure meant to be an exciting and quick read.

Digitarum is currently available for Amazon Kindle at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VDHMDY0