The Gift-Knight's Quest - a fantasy by Dylan Madeley

Chandra Kenderley became the Crown Princess of Kensrik by accident. Now she has to match wits with the conspirators who inadvertently put her there, each of whom has his own plan with the same first goal: to get rid of the monarchy. As if the sudden new responsibilities weren't enough, the agent of a nearly forgotten feud may be on his way to settle the score.

Derek Wancyek is a soldier without a war; an adventurer seeking life's true quest. But soon enough, adventure will find him in the form of a suspicious letter from a faraway land. Why would the ancient enemies of his once-noble family want him for a bodyguard? And is he riding toward a trap?

The Gift-Knight's Quest is the debut fantasy fiction novel by Dylan Madeley, copy editor and contributor to Auxiliary Magazine. Its publication was made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign in September 2014.