HOW TO GET A RAISE! - A how-to book by Gary Brose

​Stuck at minimum wage?  Or just stuck at your current pay rate? Priced at only 99 cents, Gary Brose has written the book for you!

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Gary has a unique perspective. As an entrepreneur, he has owned over a dozen businesses in all kinds of industries. But before he was a business owner, he was a minimum wage worker. For years he toiled at any job willing to hire him. He was a short order cook, a delivery driver, a night clerk at a motel, a phone sales person, a boxboy, and too  many other jobs to mention. So he has seen both sides of the equation. Now you can too.

In  HOW TO GET A RAISE!, you will learn the seven individual steps you can take to get noticed by management and become a more valuable employee. You can do one or all of these steps and in the process, you will learn invaluable tools that you can take with you and repeat at any job you move to. Gary gives you the information you need to understand the boss and get him or her to value you more. You learn certain phrases that every boss loves to hear but hears far too rarely. You learn how to do something you really love doing and let it earn you more cash. And you learn how to improve your resume so you can move on to bigger and better things.

And what's the best part?  It's written just for you - a little tongue in cheek and a bit irreverent. And it is priced affordably at just 99 cents. Also, as a special tribute to the dreaded tax day, April 15th, HOW TO GET A RAISE! is free all that day on Amazon.

Learn the secrets and some simple steps you can take to get off the dime and start taking more money home today!