Vortex Travelers: Sovereigns and Unwed Sailors - a science fiction time travel adventure by J. L. Holtz


Vortex Travelers: Sovereigns and Unwed Sailors by J. L. Holtz

The spirit of the unknown within the cosmic connection definably did not fit in with the reality laid upon me. However, flying by the seat of my pants works in my favor now. Sort of…

My father went MIA, and I was drafted. Shanghaied onto to a mystery warship underway in the Phantom Fleet of the United States Navy and plunged through a vortex chamber-- straight into an interplanetary odyssey, to complete my assigned mission and engage in a perilous clash in an epic, ancient, cosmic war between gods and brothers.

Placed on a trajectory course into the unknown, with the Earth's future hanging in the balance, I’m not sure what my mission actually is, I’m not sure who I am, or what I am? Am I Lulu Wu, a failing college student, or Wu Lu, or Ricky Wu, or am I a Taoist wizard and a cosmic sovereign, or just an alien?

I thought I knew it all and when your whole life becomes an amnesic mystery, what are you to do? Believe what you are being told?

It may be scary to make everything up as you go along, but my current adaptability enables me to take advantage of each new moment as it arises. This is my story and I stand to the call.

5 star Amazon Review

A mind blowing adventure into a Sci Fi world that may be actually already happening.

The uncanny realism of this adventure is beautifully articulated by a young voice, so honest, so vulnerable and yet so powerful, is a feat of extraordinary writing brilliance and boldness. You are instantly in the head, heart and soul of the main character and each fluctuating emotion she experiences are yours like it or not. The science reads so real you would swear that there is no fiction. This is a mind-blowing adventure into a Sci Fi world that may be actually already happening. You want this rich plot to never to end and want even more to stay with the character into the next adventure, just because you know it will be more then worthwhile. J L Holtz is a writer to pay very close attention to - I will be. Highly recommended. Amazon Review by Marina Martins

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