Lattices of Love - contemporary cross-cultural romance by Eris Field

In this contemporary romance, Turkish- American beauty, Emine, lives according to her grandmother’s old harem rules while Dutch psychiatrist, Marc van Etten, lives a self-imposed life of isolation behind the walls of his ancestral home in Amsterdam.  Both must marry—Emine to avoid bringing shame to her family after she refuses an arranged marriage and Marc to provide a mother for the troubled 4 year old he calls his daughter. Faced with the challenge of capturing a reticent husband’s love?  Emine, uses tried-and-true harem enticements—Turkish baths with 41 spices, mouth- watering dishes such as baklava, women’s curves, and ladies navels filled with apricot jam, and the slither of red silk lingerie.  When Marc accuses her unjustly of betrayal, Emine flees.  Realizing his mistake, Marc must find Emine.  After all, van Etten babies are born in the ancestral bed . . .conceived there too, if possible.