A Far Far Better Thing - a paranormal sci-fi romance by SBK Burns



Kira, a psychic, a vampire--one of the good ones--has been a very bad girl. She's run away from the protection of Maxwell, her guardian android, got herself pregnant by a human, and now she wants Max to lie about it.

But androids don't lie. And if he told the truth to protect her, he'd be dismantled, executed for not properly fulfilling his duties.

Secretly designed as a fully functioning human with supernatural powers, Max has been a very bad android. He's lied to everyone about everything he is, especially the truth about Kira. If he tells the truth about her pregnancy, her people will kill her unborn child who's destined to be a dangerous psychic.

Worst of all, Max has fallen in love with Kira and is willing to sacrifice his life for her--a headstrong, yet beautifully delicate young woman who believes him to be her inferior.

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