Vengeance Of A Jilted Dressmaker - a suspense thriller by Denise Morgan

At twenty-five, Raye Dawkins, a bespoke dressmaker is chronically lonely and looking for true love, until one day she spots Eric Mandini, a gorgeous international businessman living right under her nose... directly across the corridor. After a major obsession by spying on him, by chance they meet in the underground car park of their condominium complex. Shortly after, she becomes his lover, his domestic goddess, his babysitter. As time moves on, a year and a half later and, blissfully happy, she expects their relationship to move the next level: an engagement... marriage, perhaps. However, after a recent Valentine's date, Eric dumps her by a terse email and vanishes off the face of the Earth. Shocked, heartbroken, devastated, Raye is just mortified by his callous rejection. When she realizes there is no hope of a reconciliation, she resorts to revenge by planning the kidnap of his son to make him feel the cutting pain he had caused her. She writes a ransom note and requests the assistance of the janitor, JP, a petty criminal and ex-con. On the day of the ransom pick-up, in her local park, she lures her best friend, Sacrine Thompson, a cocktail waitress/party animal living at the corner apartment to go along. But things do not go according to plan, leaving her in a great deal of trouble with law enforcement.

Review by D Thomas: This is my 4 Star Review of an awesome book by an extremely talented author, Ms. Denise Morgan. I was skeptical at first because I assumed the book would be a bit "outside" of my fictional preferences; however I quickly realized my misjudgment within the first chapter! By the end of Chapter 5, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to put this book down! I read it at all hours of the day and night... anytime I had a few minutes to spare.

This is the type of book where one thinks, "There is no way the author can pull this all together in an acceptable and rational ending... it's impossible!" But lo and behold, Ms. Morgan once again displays her phenomenal writing abilities by making the end as good, if not better, than the book as a whole! Also sets up for a nice (possible?) sequel in the future!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good read. It has all the qualities that make for memorable characters, unseen plot twists, love, loss, friendship, betrayal, murder, mystery, upper class, lower class, survival, and those are just off the top of my head! Just read this book, "Vengeance of a Jilted Dressmaker", and I'm sure, like me, you will be waiting anxiously to see what Ms. Denise Morgan has in store for us next!

This book carried me through one of the roughest periods of time I can remember having, and I am truly grateful for the peace and the distraction it gave me from the stew of drama that was in my life at the time. This book was my sanctuary! Can't wait till the next D. Morgan book comes out!!!
EVERYONE who loves a good story.... BUY THIS BOOK!!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed!!!