After all, what's so horrifying about an old, putrid, dilapidated coal mine tunnel, a reader might ask? A mere old tunnel to a mine where one hundred miners suffocated to death only a year earlier? By now, only their ghosts could be in there—living their lives of the 'undead'—if anyone still believes in such nonsense these days? Definitely not Ben, a twelve years old boy.

Many times in the past Ben searched that same gloomy old tunnel for stolen guns the thieves hid inside and never met a single ghoul. Though, quite unexpectedly, the last time he entered the tunnel, he discovered a suitcase full of gold coins instead of ghosts and guns. And, within that gold, unfortunately for him, a deadly secret diary. A diary full of murderers and traitors that sets into motion events which will haunt him into his adult life. Because from there on, Death will stalk him and other participants in the gold heist until most of them are murdered.

Perhaps a revenge of the 'one hundred' for disturbing their final rest?