It's a Ball by J. Morgan McGrady

A raunchy, fictitious novel based on laughable true-life accounts, It's a Ball follows a team of eight misfit tennis players during the Austin League championship season and exposes the real country club tennis culture.

Recreational tennis may sound like fun, but as they soon learn, the competition is a Molotov cocktail shaken with vodka and estrogen. Their underdog team must navigate the perils of contentious rivalries, cheating opponents, scandalous and backbiting rumors, and illegal shenanigans in a quest to become Queens of the Court.

Along the way, they find that tennis is not all about balls, racquets, and team uniforms, but the special bonds between women. Campy and brash, It's a Ball is a story about unlikely victories on and off the tennis court.

Attention all tennis bitches: prepare to meet your match. It's a Ball kicks asphalt! A gritty, hilarious, naughty novel that serves-up big laughs. --Sharon Crump, Internet Columnist

Bawdy and irreverent, J. Morgan McGrady s debut book about country club tennis is outrageously funny. I laughed so hard that I blew out an ovary! A must-read for any recreational tennis player. --Wendy Stevens, Head Tennis Pro Cedarway Country Club

Finally, someone has exposed the dirty underworld about the country club occult. J. Morgan McGrady is one ballsy gal. This laugh-out-loud humorous novel made me pee my pants! --Jane Simpson, Proprietor The Bottleneck