Airion, Book 1 of Carrie: A Magickal Series by L.M. Halls

Hi there! I ordered the Gold Membership for Airion and I write under the name L. M. Halls.

Have you ever felt like you had a mission in life, that feeling in your gut that your meant to do something? Carrie did. She was already on the outside of life as an empath, a psychic and a practicing witch. This drive inside her to feel like she made a difference in the world pulls her into something she could never imagine.

This fantasy walks the line of magical realism by placing the supernatural in the contemporary life of a modern witch. Astral projection and battles with demons over ley lines become the norm from Carrie as she embraces her mission and confronts the issues of what is the real nature of right and wrong.

Join Carrie as she fights for more than her life after meeting her soul mate and struggles to achieve her spiritual mission in the realities of the modern world.