Golden State Blues - Political satire by Scott Skipper

Can two guys dismantle California’s political quagmire from the bar of an Italian restaurant in the predominately-liberal town of Claremont? Can they survive if they do? The plot they hatch takes everyone, including Madam President, by surprise, and outrages just about everyone in America’s most left-leaning state. However, the results speak for themselves, and while their capital is rising, our heroes find the time to indulge in the newly legalized sport of sniping taggers caught in the act of spraying graffiti. But there is always trouble in paradise and the governor’s past catches up with him in the form of an ultra-sexy young blond with a habit of causing trouble as well as getting into it. Trouble, that is, with the media, the entrenched Democratic legislature and the radical Islamists at the mosque down the street. It would have been only a minor indiscretion if the tabloids hadn’t been taking videos with a drone. Despite the scandal, with the California National Guard as his personal army, the chimerical governor runs roughshod over the deep-seated dilemmas that perennially plague the Golden State. With the wave of his hand he eliminates the welfare state, the homeless problem, illegal immigration, broken schools, high-speed pursuits, traffic gridlock and the budget crisis. Come see how he does it.