Downsteam - a thriller by Charles Winstanley

'In the next 48 hours there will be dozens of deaths in one of the UK’s northern cities. This is intended to demonstrate our capabilities. There will be future demands. Reply to to acknowledge receipt.’

So reads the first in a series of chilling emails to the British government from an unknown group. They use a lethal agent to poison the water in major UK cities as their ultimate demands emerge.
As the UK civilian death toll mounts and the country’s social fabric disintegrates, it becomes clear that political relations across Europe and Russia are at stake. At first the government rashly tries to cover up the nature of the threat and incompetent minister Charles Potter claims that militant Greens are behind the attacks.

Special Branch officer David Rockbourne and MI5 agent Laura McAllister lead the search for the perpetrators, their hunt ranging from Scotland to London. Can they help the UK avoid Armageddon?