The Libertarian - an anarcho-capitalist love story by Jaroslav Tucek

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This is a love story of two characters with very different ideas about human society and the roles they should play in it - an anarcho-capitalist tale of civil disobedience, tax evasion, justice, love and one man's love of justice.

Based on the great strike motive of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, Luca Segreti has "gone Galt" and refuses to produce in a world where he is treated like a slave. Struggling with the hopeless loneliness of his self-imposed exile, he finds an unlikely chance of deliverance in the person of a charming woman - who turns out to be a talented engineer but, to Luca's dismay, happily lends her immense ability to support, and to produce for, the kind of world he has abandoned...

The text - part novella, part Platonic dialogue - explores themes of Rand's Objectivism, as well as several more broadly considered libertarian topics, in both political and interpersonal relationships.