Dream and Pretense: The Ramseys by AlTonya Washington


Dream and Pretense: The Ramseys
Romantic Suspense, Family Saga

Powerful, beautiful, sexy…are just a few accolades that are tossed around when the Ramseys are the topic of conversation. There are, however, other accolades not quite so flattering. Among them, danger, family secrets and murder.

            An unsolved murder serves as the deepest layer of the Ramsey storyline. This ‘unsolved murder’ however, was deemed a suicide which was no surprise. The incident took place at a party hosted by then high school seniors Quest and Quaysar Ramsey. While Quest had no interest in a party, Quay, his twin would have been unable to host his annual end of year bash without Quest promising their parents he’d… look out for his brother. Quaysar’s previous get-togethers had been known to get more than a little out of hand. After the…incident, the Ramsey family rallied, closing ranks to protect their own. The twins had no idea how the victim Sera Black fell from the terrace outside their hotel room. Quest was absent from the party, but had a solid alibi while Quay had been passed out for hours in another room of the suite. For years, Ramsey influence overruled any questions or attempts to investigate Sera Black’s ‘death by suicide’ but that changed when an unlikely inquirer arrived in their world.

            Michaela Sellars didn’t jump at the opportunity to spend her talents on the powerful land developers out of Seattle Washington. Despite her editor’s claims that the story would be right up her alley, the respected investigative journalist, turned family biographer, didn’t feel her curiosity appropriately tugged. That was before she met said ‘powerful land developers’. Quest and Quaysar Ramsey were deserving of every lustful thought and swoon they elicited. Michaela found this especially true of Quest Ramsey. The laid back and to-die-for real-estate developer could set the most no-nonsense woman off kilter. Mick discovered she was no different and had no weapon capable of fending off the insatiable attraction the man instilled.
            Quest Ramsey wouldn’t deny that he was obsessively attracted to the curvy beauty that waltzed; without a care, into his midst. In spite of his wants, Quest knew that to invite this particular woman in to his world could have equally devastating effects on his family. The story the lovely author hoped to uncover was one certain Ramseys would see left buried. Reviving the Sera Black case would be the catalyst that unravels decades of secrets and depravities- including sexual improprieties, weapons (and human) trafficking and horrifying medical research immoralities that could bring ruin to the most influential and revered members of the family.

              Dream and Pretense: The Ramseys contains the first two titles of the series: “A Lover’s Dream” and “A Lover’s Pretense” originally released in 2006 under Harlequin’s Kimani Romance label. The titles have been re-released with new scenes and a new short story “A Lover’s Muse". As t. he series evolved over the last nine years, it has moved to include a new family: The Tesanos. The questions have also evolved about the next stage in this world of suspense, corruption, intrigue and seduction. Specifically, readers want to know if they can hope for a television series some time in the near future. AlTonya has hesitated to move forward in bringing any confirmation to that hope. Still, with the Ramsey Tesano series projected to conclude with the release of “A Lover’s Return” (Fall, 2015), the author is cautiously optimistic.