Island Sunrise - Contemporary Romance by Bobby Hutchinson

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Charlie Cossini is doing her best to ignore the sun, the surf, the tropical beauty of Haleiwa.
Charlie’s work is her life. She’s the boss of her own construction company, and her newest contract is remodeling Reveille Reef.

Ben Gilmour views life as one fun adventure after the next. He’s proud to be one of the idle rich, and he’s currently surfing in Hawaii. But when his aging aunt wants her property restored, Ben is put in charge of supervising the job, and to his horror, he becomes Charlie’s boss.

Ben figures Charlie’s devotion to work is perverse and unnatural.

Charlie is disgusted by his total lack of any work ethic.

Can Ben devise a plan to coax Charlie away from her hammers and saws long enough to spend quality time in his arms?

The two are diametrically opposed on almost everything”"except making hot, passionate love under a tropical moon.

Island Sunrise explores relationships, between friends, between lovers, between family.