Grave Robber for Hire by Cassandra L Shaw

Urban Fantasy Mystery. The dead and a cursed Rembrandt pull a psychic into the world of supernatural evil.

Angel Meyers loves to dress up in themes and has a guardian angel called Viggo who’s electronically inept but knows when to step in and save her butt. He has skills she’s yet to discover. Her love of all things food especially cheesecake is almost legendary.

Angel can touch handwriting and mentally jump time to see the thoughts and emotions of the writer as they penned the writing. She uses this gift to hunt for long lost heirlooms of her clients. With business picking up she hires Tyreal, a private investigator who’s too hot not to hire, to help her with research. Tyreal thinks she’s fun, weird and sexy which Angel isn’t too thrilled about since she doesn’t do relationships.

When Angel is offered a case is to find a Rembrandt she sees dollars floating in the air. But nothing prepares her for the evil she encounters on the written pages of the painting’s last owner, Clyde Owen Jones. Clyde was evil in life and manages to bring that forward in time and death.

After being trapped in time past and seeing Clyde wasn’t completely human Angel know she should ditch the case, nothing is worth dying for. But if she found the painting her fee would fund a much bigger rescue farm and that her greatest dream.

When she meets Clyde’s great great granddaughter Josey Richards, Angel realizes evil must be genetic. Josey also wants the painting and will literally kill to stake her claim on what she says will give her power.