Quicksand Paradise - a family saga by Mary Keith


Playboy Louis Abellard is riding high sitting on a family fortune as he pursues every pleasure life has to offer.  He bangs women and tosses them aside like yesterday's leftovers.  But true to his restless nature, boredom sets in.  He plunges headlong into the murky underworld of the Ku Klux Klan, plotting and committing gory crimes that fuel his sadistic instincts.

A mind-boggling family saga, spiced with graphic violence, dastardly betrayal, thwarted love and brutal rape.  It's a historical, no holds barred exposé of a small Southern town during the Civil Rights Era.  It tells the appalling story of one privileged white Southerner's abuse of power.

Get aboard the runaway train as Louis speeds faster and faster out of control.  With anything he wants becoming an obsession, he has no qualms about stealing his son's girlfriend through manipulation and lies.  But a slight happenstance arouses suspicion, and his son uncovers his treachery--Louis' web of deception begins to unravel.

Louis Abellard is cruel and heartless; he's without morals or conscience or decency.  Yet he's a highly-regarded business tycoon in the white-Southern-ruled society of his day.  Louis' son Charles is shy, quiet and soft-spoken, the reverse of his showy father.  He's moral, kind and considerate.  This irks Louis, and he vows to change him into a wild young stallion.  Charles finds his father's Ku Klux Klan affiliation, his drinking, swearing, promiscuity and lack of respect for human life revolting.  Don't miss the fiery clash of these two polar-opposite personalities!

Want to read a book that keeps you in suspense?  Offends your sense of decency?  Incites you to anger?  Breaks your heart?  Shakes you to the very core?  Get inside Louis Abellard's deranged mind as he lives up to his billing of "the epitome of evil."