In The Victim's Shadow - a romantic suspense by Victoria Schwimley

I had forgotten just how much I enjoy reading suspense/mystery genres. In The Victim's Shadow brought everything back. And after a long time, I found myself despising a character so much - Not because it was poorly developed. On the contrary, the character was so real, that at times I felt like circling my fingers around his throat and strangling him! Yes, Chad Simon brought out the demon in me! I can't believe I started off the review by writing about the antagonist!

Victoria Schwimley not only crafted her characters well, she gave them importance. She made Katherine and Peter Winters characters likeable, beautifully portraying their father-daughter bond.

[“I’m afraid, with your standards, Katherine— I’ll be haunting my grandchildren from the grave just to communicate with them.”] - Really laughed out loud at this :-)"

John Wheaton is the best friend we all want to fall in love with. The maturity and shyness displayed between both Katherine and John were remarkable to read. I kept looking forward to their time together.

As much as I enjoyed the main characters, I couldn't help smiling and hoping for Beth and Jack. They need their own story! (Hinting here!)

If you enjoy romance and danger, then this book is a must read. It has all the elements required for a good romance and suspense novel. A page turner, you won't want to miss In The Victim's Shadow. The writing is impeccable!