The Miss Fortune Series: Bayou Babes (Kindle Worlds Short Story) by Riley Blake

Created by New York Times bestselling author Jana DeLeon, The Miss Fortune series is now part of Amazon’s exciting Kindle Worlds program. Bayou Babes was written by Riley Blake, a Kindle Worlds author. 

*Bayou Babes, a short mystery written exclusively for Kindle Worlds, is now available for only $.99*

Look inside Bayou Babes and discover the world of Ida Belle, Gertie, and CIA assassin-in-hiding Fortune Redding. A cute and fast-paced short story, Bayou Babes was written for readers who enjoy Kindle’s one-hour reads.

Book Blurb:

Known for stirring up trouble and making moonshine, Gertie and Ida Belle are anything but boring old maids. Their Southern charms and reputations have earned these icy-blue haired ladies considerable notice. After a bestselling book series rocks the entertainment world, Hollywood comes to call in search of the women who inspired such a great work of literary fiction.

Ida Belle and Gertie set out on a journey to find the traitor who is selling their stories and making a mint. Celia Arceneaux, a likely suspect, is a frontrunner but the culprit is a little closer to home. And CIA Agent-in-Hiding Fortune Redding will have no other choice but to trust Gertie and Ida Belle as they race against time to protect Fortune’s cover and keep her out of the limelight and a gunman’s sights.