Martini Regrets - a Mystery/Thriller by Phyllis Smallman

It’s nearly midnight when Sherri Travis turns onto Last Chance Road and into a run-down gas station. Instead of the routine stop she expects, her pickup is stolen, and she is left stranded in the Everglades. Sherri is desperate for help, but the men who show up are just as dangerous as the swamp she is forced to flee into. When she stumbles upon a gruesome murder, she must depend on her wits to escape the Glades and the evil men who are stalking her.

Phyllis Smallman, winner of an Independent Publisher Book Award, brings you Sherri’s most frightening and spinetingling misadventure yet. It will transport you from a gritty crime scene in the Florida Everglades to a black-tie masquerade ball in Sarasota before reaching its shocking conclusion on a remote island in the Gulf of Mexico. Martini Regrets is the sixth book in the series.