The Last Omen - (Horror, Paranormal Murders, Murder, Darkness, Suspense, Thriller, Twisted Plot, Mystery, Investigate, Loneliness, Shocking, Fear, Alone, Mysterious) by Steven Nedelton

The Last Omen

“You want to see something?” she is asking him,  smiling.

The same woman he just talked with, and ran away from, is now standing right by his left elbow, facing him. And, all of a sudden—he is lost. Instead of being in the bank, standing on the bank floor next to Kuz’s office doorway, he is in total darkness. As if someone switched off all the bank floor lights instantaneously.

Darkness… total darkness all around.

As he struggles to see through the unexpected blackness, as his eyes adjust to it, he discovers he is in a narrow dark passage, a tunnel with glistening walls reminding him of a coal mine. And, on this early scorching summer afternoon, in this rather hot bank, ‘air conditioned’ by a few strategically located fans only, all of a sudden his surrounding air is moldy humid and freezing cold.

Cold… air thick with decay.

He begins to shiver, shake, his teeth almost chattering from cold and terror.

 Where am I? In another world, where? How did I get here? How am I going to get back?

In front of him, at the opposite end of the tunnel, a partly lit woman’s face is observing him. Except, it is more like a cadaver-gray mask, its shape only vaguely resembling May Phelps. A blank gray mask with large whitish patches of skin visibly peeling off its cheeks. And, because the apparition is entirely dispassionate, poker-faced and unsmiling, with thin lips, he senses a menace in its horrid and threateningly silent presence.

Dead? Is she dead? Queer questions run through his mind.

Afraid of being attacked by this grisly manifestation or by someone or something else invisible to him, he remains still while intently observing the apparition and trying to anticipate its next move. In his mind, unconsciously, he is readying himself for a fight. But the phantom creature remains silent and motionless, and although he is terrified, the ghoul appears to be only studying him. As if just curious and only introducing herself to him—at least for now.


5.0 of 5 stars  Dii, TOP 500 REVIEWER

With his signature style for detail and that shadowy, suspenseful atmosphere, Steven Nedelton has dipped his pen into the world of the occult. With The Last Omen: Possessed, Mr. Nedelton also displays his ability to meld two seemingly separate plots into one, while neatly tying them together with a unique flourish as they create cross-hatches upon each other.

After inheriting his uncle’s fortune, author C. Adams begins to have nightmares and hear the sounds of an intruder in his newly inherited home. With no evidence, perhaps his writer’s imagination is getting carried away? The death of a neighbor is no hallucination and the investigating detective claims Adams’ uncle was part of a dark occult group. Meanwhile he finds an intense attraction to a beautifully mysterious and successful woman, who his disbelief, says she is possessed by a demon, who is becoming crueler as it rears its evil head. Little did Adams know that the day his uncle died, his life would never be the same.

A former foreign soldier, a trained specialist comes to America at the behest of his estranged wife, but something is off, nothing is as she said it was, there were no great job opportunities and no great wealth. Even the success of his in-laws has been exaggerated, as Johan comes to learn. When approached by a powerful and terrifying group to become their paid assassin, the money is too good to pass up, the work is easy with his marksman’s skills and just maybe he is helping rid the world of more evil. These two men cross paths when Johan walks in on a pagan ritual that Adams is “part of.” From this point on, these two men will enter into a world they never knew existed. The question is will they escape alive? Who can they trust to believe and help them? The answers may surprise you…

Get ready to feel the chills traverse your spine, to hear noises and things that go bump in the night after entering the world Mr. Nedelton has created. Not for the faint of heart, expect to lose a few hours of reality as Steven Nedelton becomes your guide in the dark and sinister. You may want to sleep with the lights on for a night or two.