The Death of Danny Daggers - a mystery by Haydn Wilks

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Cardiff. The last few days of summer. Danny Daggers is about to die. He just doesn’t realise yet.

This book follows a number of different characters as their lives collide over a frantic few days in the Welsh capital.

Danny is a student from Leeds who’s responsible for a series of hugely popular YouTube videos that mainly involve him downing inadvisable quantities of alcohol. He’s taking his antics on a nationwide tour – a tour that will result in his death. He’s about to find out that not everyone is a fan of his work.

Ji Eun is a Korean student doing work experience at The South Wales Post.

Rory Gallagher is the alcoholic veteran journo who’s mentoring her.

The local newspaper is falling apart at the dawn of the digital age. A few days of localised murder and mayhem might be just the boost the paper needs.

Tom and Joseph work at one of the city’s many call centres.

Tom is sick of working boring jobs and living for the weekend. With his 27th birthday approaching, he’s wondering if he’s entered into a cycle that will remain unbroken for the rest of his working life.

Joseph was sick of unemployment. Now he’s just happy to have a job.

And then there’s the Amstell brothers.

Simon Amstell just escaped from prison. He wants to leave the country, and he wants to take his estranged son with him. The mother of his son happens to be Joseph’s girlfriend. And Simon’s brothers happen to be absolute psychopaths.

A blend of gritty urban crime and moments of dark comedy, The Death of Danny Daggers is a wild tale of heavy drinking, drugs and ultraviolence set against a backdrop of dystopian 21st century Britain.