The Cagliostro Chronicles III - Sci-fi action/adventure By Ralph L. Angelo Jr.

Two and a half years after the war with the mysterious and deadly Agalum began, the Crew of the starcruiser Cagliostro is once again thrust intro the midst of danger. Assigned a covert mission deep behind Agalum lines, within the heart of the totalitarian empire itself, Mark Johnson and crew are tasked with retrieving a cache' of ancient yet deadly weapons designs that could turn the favor of the war in either races direction.. But now Mark Johnson and his crew of adventurers have to not only contend with the duplicitous and evil Agalum, but the new threat which has risen in the past half year, The threat of the horrific Tahir Ga'Warum. Other dimensional teleporters who seek to use both the denizens of  Agalum space and Earth itself as their food supply!

Can the Cagliostro and its crew complete their mission behind enemy lines, while a war rages all about them? Can they return to Earth in time to help defeat both the Agalum and the terrible Tahir Ga'Warum? Find out within the pagers of the just released novel ' The Cagliostro Chronicles III: Into the Heart of Evil'