The New World Covenant - a modern day story about God by Norm and Kim Bourque

This is a must read story for both believer and non-believer.

There has always been a question of how to reach people in modern times with God's message of 'what is love' in a non-biblical and non-religious point of view.

It has been a belief of Christians that Jesus would come back as prophesied. We've always questioned this belief as how would it be a solution for those who do not follow Christianity. The only true solution would be for God himself to come back to prepare the way for all faiths, all nations, with no chosen people.

The story as presented opens with God announcing the arrival of messengers, but when?

Each chapter deals with its own unique circumstance dealing with sensitive issues current to our worldly lives. Stories within the story, lessons yet to be learned, miracles destined to uplift one's spirit and give hope, something to believe in. Follow the path of the characters as they seek their own path to spirituality.

If God were to come back in modern times, this is how we believe he would interact with us and deliver his message of love to humanity.

We have not come across another book quite like this. A literary first that's sure to leave you with a renewed sense of peace. A feel-good book for all ages.

"Faith is the rooster that crows in the darkness, before the rising sun...and when faith alone is not enough, it becomes like the fragile egg, needing to be nourished from the inside out".