Voices - A Paranormal love story with a sci fi twist by R.E. Rowe


R.E. Rowe’s YA Reincarnation Series has been called: “Ghost meets the Matrix.”

Three rules have stood as sentinels between happiness and misery for all of human history until a tragic love affair between a brilliant but tormented street artist named Reizo Rush and an ex-track star named Aimee De Lucca expose a struggle that has lasted a millennium.

After a soul named Carmina and her team successfully hack the reincarnation system, they are reincarnated as teenagers. Her team develops technology to upgrade the reincarnation system with new rules.With the reincarnation system offline, her team’s success is assured, but the system’s operator named General recruits Reizo to stop her.

Follow Carmina, Reizo and Aimee in their extraordinary journey through the reincarnation series where determined souls battle to make the system perfect.

Will they discover the truth behind the curtain to the greatest eternal mystery of all time? Or will everything be destroyed?

Voices (Book 1)  starts the series with a love story. Whispers (book 2) picks up the pace as an action packed science fiction thriller.

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