The Night of the Moon Serpent - a fantasy by Amaia S. Li

When 12-year-old David Luke and his mother moved to Peru, little did he imagine that he would be involved in an adventure.   And what an adventure this is going to be!  After David meets the eccentric Dr. Maximo Rojas, director of an archaeological restoration project, he starts experiencing mysterious symptoms.  Dreams about giant owls and visions of a silver white snake haunt him.  David befriends a runaway teenager whose special powers may help him solve the mystery of his illness.  But the people David relies on may not be what they seem to be. Even the person he trusts the most, his own mother, is keeping a secret from him!

THE NIGHT OF THE MOON SERPENT, the first book in the World Beyond series, is a remarkable blend of the author’s imagination with Peruvian folktales and myths.  Fast-paced and engaging, the story will take readers, young and the-young-at-heart, to a world where a powerful sorcerer and a modern-day healer fight for control over a mythical creature and a boy’s soul.