Revelation: The Eternal Series Book One - A Religious Fiction Novel by Myles Gorospe

The first of a three part series, in this installment we see David and Zachary, a father and son, growing more and more distant from each other after dealing with a tragic loss.

However, as heavenly and demonic forces move its pieces in place for the last game the human race will ever play, David and Zachary finds themselves intricately entwined in a tale of epic biblical proportions. Along with a secret organization with a singular mission, both of them are pulled towards the inevitable knowledge that awaits the entire world. The distance between them now becomes the very reason that allows them to realize the true importance of family.

As the world's sense of reality is challenged and the ultimate and inescapable truth is revealed, both of them with new found allies race to protect the one person that can bring upon eternal light or eternal fire. The world prepares for something that it will never see ever again. With the impending war that will change the shape of all things, David and Zachary face the unfathomable evil that is about to be unleashed on this earth. The day of judgment begins.