To Stir the Wind by PA Morris

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This book was just released a few weeks ago.  My wife/editor says it is my best "by far".  Now, I'm trying to figure out what the hell she meant by "by far".  Looks like I am adding another 5 Star book to my others.  Hope you choose to enjoy it.

When the members of the homeless community are seemingly being murdered for no reason at all, they band together only to uncover a major plot emanating from the rich side of town.
The plot twists and the list of suspects constantly changes, as two sides of the town collide only to be drawn together in a unique way with Jake right smack in the middle. The killer is conscienceless, his boss is ruthless and the police are no help . . . until!
Readers need to be prepared to search their soul, have their heart tugged upon, and smile after meeting some new fictional friends.

When we were young we were taught that reading is fundamental. As adults I believe reading should be fun. I've tried to keep the pace brisk, the plot developing with a twist here and there, and the characters . . . well, being characters.