Who's Loki? - Thriller Suspense by Ian Doyle


Now a young man, orphan Tristan Sky is an exemplary student studying under the tutelage of the brilliant Professor Damian Ruthers. For a while he has been receiving cryptic messages from a mysterious contact called 'Loki', but despite his best efforts to discover their meaning, all attempts have failed.

One day the message ‘It begins tonight’ arrives, and with it events over which he has no control. Through no fault of his own, Tristan soon finds himself the prime suspect in a murder, but not before unwittingly unleashing a virus.

Within hours, the world is plunged into chaos and a standoff between China and the United States occurs. With the clock ticking and neither side wishing to back down, the threat of all-out war becomes very real.

With his life in danger and only a random code as a clue, he must attempt to unravel the mystery and finally answer the burning question.

Who's Loki?

"More twists than meets the eye" - The Kindle book review