Alien Affairs - Science fiction by Scott Skipper

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The 1947 flying saucer incident at Roswell, New Mexico, was a secret so closely held that even future presidents were denied access to the truth.  The key to that secret fell to the protection of the CIA under the mercurial Allen Dulles who compiled an Alien Affairs team to discover the invaders’ intentions.  They do so by deciphering a reading device recovered from the crash site.  The extremely devout, yet promiscuous Dulles did not like the answer, but the revelation propelled us to the moon to make sure there was not an alien base there with malignant intent.

In his retirement one of the original Alien Affairs team amuses himself by teaching the aliens’ language to his young niece, Carrie Player, but conceals its origin from her.  On his deathbed he reveals the truth and charges her with the minor responsibility of saving humanity.  Twenty years later the CIA has fallen complacent, the threat from space becomes eminent and only Carrie can intervene on behalf of the human race.

Georgia Turnbull is the hard-bitten director of the CIA under a weak and indecisive president.  When Carrie explains the facts of the approaching aliens’ purpose, Turnbull puts her in charge of the newly revived Department of Alien Affairs and together they devise a two-pronged plan to protect the planet.  Since the end of the Space Shuttle program the United States has had no way to send astronauts into space and has to pay the Russians to carry them to the International Space Station, so Turnbull is forced to rely on the private sector to launch weapons capable of  intercepting the alien craft.

Carrie’s Alien Affairs staff realizes that she is the only person on earth who might negotiate for our survival.  Their plan puts Carrie in a very precarious position—a middle-aged divorced CIA linguist becomes the spokesperson for the planet earth and she finds herself involved in an alien affair that no one could have ever predicted.