Claude's Journey - a thriller by John Piper

Claude  is  a  weed. He has been bullied all his life, even by his big sister. Now he is in a dead end job where he is bullied and victimized daily by his cruel and cold boss, Ms Anderson.

When he is forced to stay late at the office one Friday night, he only just  makes  it  to catch the night bus. Lots of people on the bus are late  night  revelers,  including a group of drunk girls who have been to a hen night.

When  he  leaves the bus, they get off at the same time. They join him and walk him to his door, which is when his nightmare begins.

The  girls  rape  Claude and leave him naked, tied to a lamppost. Next morning  he has to ask his neighbor for help because his front door is shut  and he doesn't have a key. Seeing him naked and still handcuffed in  her  back yard, his neighbor takes him in, but the help she offers is  not  what  he expects.  Soon  he  is  her  slave and she forcibly feminizes  him  to  be  her maid. His neighbor takes possession of his apartment so she can rent it out for her own profit.

Claude  manages  to  escape  but  only  into  the  clutches of a local gangster  and his wife, who was the bride to be on the hen night. Then people  begin  to die. Claude is foolish enough to help conceal a body and after that he is trapped.

Still living his life as a girl, Claude has to evade the killer whilst trying  to  establish  their  identity. He can trust no one, even the ex-wrestler manservant of the gangster, who seems to be on his side or the shadowy owner of the sex shop where he finds work. His life exists on the edges of the sex trade and life is cheap there.

Will he survive?

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