Progatory - A Dystopian Thriller by Eula McGrevey

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She found strength in numbers—a team of like-minded souls determined to bring down the One World Government. But now the year is 2035, and sixteen-year-old Camille finds herself separated from Peter and the rest of her group.

With ex-CIA agent Franklin by her side, Camille must find her way back to the shire, a hidden underground location where a group of revolutionaries has worked for years to overthrow the government and its powerful and tyrannical leader, the Premier. But in a world so desperate that citizens will turn against each other for a bite of food, working undercover is a dangerous game.

Flashing forward to 2173, the all-consuming darkness of a worldwide utopian society is exposed, as resistance leader Thatcher Kelleher is left to fend for herself in the wilderness. With her diabolical brother, Jonathan, searching for the ability to read minds—it’ll take the courage and determination of a true leader to combat this next frontier of government control.

In the thrilling second installment of the Progtopia series, the stakes are even higher for two heroines from two different timelines, as they continue their work to overthrow a cruel and corrupt system of government.

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