Flexible Dieting Handbook - Diets & Weight Loss Non-Fiction, by James H. Mayfield


Are you tired of diets that force you to give up your favourite foods?

I know that I was. I never could stick to any diet for long. How could I when the number of allowed foods could be counted on one hand, while the list of foods that were off the menu was as thick as a dictionary.

So I decided to find a better way. A method to control my weight without the need to limit my food choices.

What I discovered was an approach to nutrition that had been around for decades - Flexible Dieting!

An approach to dieting that doesn't limit what you can eat, nor does it dictate what you have to eat. Instead, with the help of some guidelines, you'll design your own diet. Containing the foods you like.

That's right - you can eat whatever you want and achieve the physique you desire!

This book contains all the instructions that you need to design your very own Flexible Diet that guarantees results.

Wait no longer - grab your copy today and master dieting once and for all!