Sleepers - A medical thriller by Delena Epstein

Author Delena Epstein takes readers into a world of chaos and disaster with no way to deal with its consequences when on a beautiful day in Boston people begin collapsing. On Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 7:01 a.m., the same time an electromagnetic storm hits the Earth, disabling satellites, and communications all over the planet

Dr. Janeen Corbett is a newly employed emergency room doctor, but all that changes and it is now her responsibility to now house and care for over six thousand victims in tent cities after what the press dubs the “Occurrence” where eleven percent of the world’s population, thirty-four million Americans alone, has fallen into a deep coma. Scientists all over the world are baffled.

Atrocities are occurring all over the world and the United States military is dealing with looting and mass anarchy. Congress gives the President executive authority to regain control, while the Center for Disease Control (CDC) searches for a solution to something they do not understand. With bodies littering the streets and in homes, the President declares Martial Law to try to control the situation. Our threat assessment is now imminent and the President closes our borders and bans travel.

In the meantime, an Evangelist, Nathaniel Long has waited for this day to come his whole life. He believes God has prepared him for the beginning of the Apocalypse and that all the coma victims are spawns of the devil that must be eliminated so that there can be a thousand years of peace on Earth. According to Long, these signs point to Revelations, the final book in the Bible, and states that the Lord has broken the fourth seal announcing his coming. Long encourages his followers to follow his teachings by martyring himself, believing he will sit at the right hand of God. Brainwashed, his followers begin to kill the coma patients and then themselves.

The first coma patient to awaken on his own is Solomon, a two-year-old little boy whose mother believes he is the Antichrist and must die. The CDC uses an experimental procedure on nine patients who awaken from their coma to discover they have the power of telekinesis, telepathy, and abilities that have not yet manifested themselves. Stranger still, their irises have turned yellow.

The revived patients claim that those still in a coma are suffering great torment as they visualize a world where their bodies are in the process of metamorphosing to survive. Their lungs are developing filters to keep out the sand and their skulls are expanding to accommodate their new brains.

The nine awakened patients agree to allow the government to test them with the stipulation that the government allow them to begin waking up those still in a coma. They begin to awaken and their supernatural powers vary. Some of the newly awakened were not mentally stable before the catastrophe and the government must find a way to control them.

The world no longer belongs to normal individuals, but to those who are preparing for a new existence.