Horse & Rabbit Stew: It's Probably Because I Was A Breech Birth - a memoir by J. Gregory Street

Horse & Rabbit Stew tells the story of a young man who squandered the advantages of youth, family and Baby Boom generation, and his subsequent awakenings to purpose and worth. He was compelled to be self-disciplined in the military, and later his simple life perspective was abruptly and forever complicated by combat duty in Vietnam. Struggles to get on with a normal and mainstream life brought him only sadness and frustration until an epiphany helped him reclaim inner peace.

From the Preface: I believe Nietzsche was right: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” I live the idea and at least one more: If you cannot laugh at yourself, then you miss most of the fun. Laugh at me or with me as I tell you of my self-discovery.