Startup Fever, How Crowdfunding Will Rebuild the American Dream - Entrepreneurial Self Help Title by Austin Muhs

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If you have always wanted to find true meaning in life by realizing your Vocational Potential, Startup Fever is a great choice for you.  Startup Fever includes both practical tips and philosophical insights on how to sustain a vocation over time. Along with the reasons why Crowdfunding presents the best vehicle in history for independent thinkers to thrive!

Startup Fever presents the full gamut of entrepreneurial trials and errors as you follow Austin on a quest to find spiritual meaning within the working world.  Should we tear down the system or work within it?  Austin goes over why the current economic and corporate systems are emotionally and spiritually unsustainable.  He then lays out pragmatic solutions to creating a new world, no matter where you stand right now in your life.

Startup Fever offers hope and promise, within a very shaky economic environment, as it helps you to find your true economic security.  A phenomenon that happens internally first!