Mail Order Bride Tess - Western Romance Historical by Rose Jenster

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Tess is a seamstress in upstate New York during the 1880s. She fears she will be working in the sweltering shop her whole life and never find true happiness by finding a man who loves her. A married friend shows her a newspaper that has ads for mail order husbands and Tess shyly studies it with guarded hope. Tess is quite bashful with a lot of fear, but also worries what her life would be like without a big change.

Will she find happiness out west or be stuck in the sweltering shop in New York? Why does Luke withdraw from her emotionally and can he let go of his past loss? Will Tess return home in defeat and be broken inside?

This is a 30,000 word stand-alone story and can be read independently, but is also book 2 of the series. Note that Mail Order Bride Leah is the first book and is available at Amazon. Each book is a clean romance without a cliffhanger. If you belong to Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime the books can be read for free and each can be read by itself.

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