Of Introductions And Abductions - a fantasy by Robert Dahlen

On sale for 99 cents US through July 15!


"How would you like to help me save the world?"

Those were words that Beth McGill, college student and geek girl, had never expected to hear. But when Michiko, the teenage hero called the Monkey Queen, and Beth discover a mutual friend has been kidnapped, they team up to rescue him. They'll face faeries, hobgoblins, a ravenous troll, a snarky guinea pig...and darker, deadlier foes.

They'll never forget this weekend...if they survive until Monday.

Get this first book in the Monkey Queen series! Fantasy adventure with heroines, humor and heart, topped with gorgeous covers by acclaimed artist Willow! Get in on the series that reviewers call "Fun, fast and adorable!" and "For any reader who just likes a good-natured, high energy romp, this is a nice find!"